Clare's Vibrator

Oh Eli, I wish you could use me one more time ;) *buzzz*

I know this is Mason…don’t worry.

Msg me on Yahoo Messenger right now my SN is brownsolemoo121282

no thank you ;)


;D *buzzzz*

you fucking owned that buzz kill

ooc: Haha, its what I do. I just did this as a joke. Don’t take things so seriously. Especially the internet.

In the end, The Shep left with it. So That's how smart you are. -_-

ooc: Boo fucking who. I don’t give a shit. This was made for comedic purposes only. If you really wanted to address this you would have the fucking balls to come unanon. Wait! I forgot you don’t, so please unfollow and get the fuck out. People seem to be enjoying the stupidness of the vibrator. Apparently you must be Buzz Killington.

Have a nice day! ;)

Also its…
So, that’s how smart you are.

Punctuation please.

You do KNOW. It wasn't Clares Vibrator. It was originally Spikes. That Alli Stole in a quest to know what teacher's do outside of school. ROFL

Yeah I know. Clare then took me in, so that means I wasn’t with Spike anymore. So I’m Clare’s now. 

ooc: No shit sherlock. What do you want? A cookie? Someone wants to be a smartass. ;) 

I have the freedom to call it Clare’s vibrator because in the end she was the last one using it. Someone isn’t patriotic. 


Has Imogen and Clare ever used you... on each other? ;)

Yes, why yes they have. It was quite…messy. ;D

Does he ever say any names while using you?

He loves calling his father’s name ;)


imagine if they make Spencer wear a wig when he plays Wesley

Clare's vibrator. you are so sweet and magical. i love the way you buzz and bizz. and i was just wondering,will you go to Tumblr Prom with me? love,a hearse crashing pill popping 17 year old.

I would love to but I can’t see your face D;